Cooking with Gabby: what you should have for dinner tonight


A great dinner idea is sweet potato, ground beef, green beans and hot sauce to spice it up. Photo Credit: Gabby Lerner

Gabby Lerner, Copy Editor

Are you hungry and don’t know what to fuel your body with? Consider some of these ideas before ordering food out. 

My favorite dinners consist of ground turkey, sweet potato and green beans. I love to put hot sauce on everything, so go check out my article about my opinion on my favorite hot sauce

Another thing I like to eat for dinner is salmon. I love smoked salmon with cream cheese and a bagel, but I also love it marinated with barbecue sauce, and grilled. In the picture below, I have colored cauliflower (because it is so pretty!), and mac and cheese. 

I believe in eating balanced meals with a carb, protein and veggies. This helps keep things healthy, while still eating fun foods like mac and cheese.