Andrew Bird: keep a lookout for this upcoming artist

Andrew Bird is a 46 year old artist from Illinois. Photo Credit:

Ava Weinreb, Director of Buisness

A small artist with a large sound, Andrew Bird is coming soon to Atlanta. He will take the stage this spring to blow away the audience with his beautiful, unique sound. Bird dropped his third album last year, titled “My Finest Work Yet” on Mar 22. The 10 song album is packed with a variety of sounds, leaving the listener satisfied. “Sisyphus,” the first song on the album, is the best in its musical complexity and enticing lyrics. Another amazing song on the album is “Proxy War,” which has the most exciting lyrics.

Bird announced concert dates late last year and plans to hit Atlanta at the Tabernacle Apr 22. The inexpensive tickets are a great way to get out of the Roswell area and listen to some amazing music.