Jekyll Island: Georgia’s jewel


Jekyll’s marshes are breathtaking. Photo Credit: Claire Mulkey

Claire Mulkey, Copy Editor

Around this time of year, many spring breakers flock to the crowded white sand beaches of Florida, filled with airbrushed t-shirt shops and high-rise oceanfront condos. However, travelers may want to consider a new alternative to Destin, Seaside, or Panama City Beach: Jekyll Island!

Jekyll Island is a Georgia state park, meaning all land is preserved in its natural state, except for the already-developed areas. It houses many of the “cottages” of long-gone American dynasties, who came to the island because of its privacy, warm climate (an escape from the cold New England winters), and the Jekyll Island Club, an elite membership-only club. The club boasted members like J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, William Vanderbilt, and Joseph Pulitzer. Now, it serves as a hotel, with swimming pools, golf course, croquet, and many fine dining options. 

Jekyll isn’t all excessive wealth and elegance, though. It became a state park in 1947 so that everyone could enjoy the beauty of the island. The island is known as a very affordable location for vacations with its multitude of free activities. Visitors can bike, walk, or run along the extensive trails, enjoy the beaches (especially Driftwood Beach, which has been selected as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches), play soccer near the 4-H camp, bring an RV and camp out, explore the many museums (like the Goodyear Cottage, which is filled with island-inspired art), or take a trip into next-door neighbors St. Simons and Cumberland Island. 

Jekyll is steeped in history and is still relevant and beloved today. Visit Jekyll Island for a truly unique experience!