Gatorade continues to be the best sports drink


Gatorade has Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch, and Orange flavors, and these are only a few out of many flavors by Gatorade. Photo Credit: UnSplash

Many people know that Gatorade was one of the first sports drinks to become popular. With that popularity came a lot of opportunities for the Gatorade company. Many sports associations, such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc., have partnered with Gatorade to be the official sports drink of the sport. Gatorade is made to rehydrate, replenish, and refuel, which is why it is so admired by so many sports, especially with all the electrolytes to help regain what you lose in sweat. With the recent upcoming of Body Armor, Gatorade has stayed superior in this category. Body Armor could very well become just as successful as Gatorade if they continue to be up to date. There are many different flavors and assessments such as G2 and Gatorade Chews, but of all the Gatorade flavors to choose from, I think my favorite flavor is the Lemon Lime. I use Gatorade a lot while I’m playing sports to keep myself hydrated and to keep myself into the game. Gatorade so far has done nothing to upset me in the sense of new products, so hopefully, it stays that way.