Healthy and calming ways to stay busy


While stuck at home, enjoy some fresh air outside! Photo Credit: Pinterest

Sylvia Nelson, Staff Writer

With everyone stuck in their house and getting cabin fever, there are of course shows you can watch and all the junk food in the world to eat and the occasional walk to the end of your street in back. When was the last time that you actually felt good about your mind and body? Well here is a list of 5 things to do to help make your mind and body feel zen and refreshed.


1.) Make yourself a good home-cooked meal 

Pick a meal either breakfast, lunch or dinner then gather your recipe and ingredients and go for it. If you need some meal ideas, here are some. For breakfast have some fluffy blueberry pancakes with a side of crispy bacon. For lunch some shrimp and garlic pasta with a topping of shredded medium white cheese, along with a side of veggies. Then finally for dinner a nice Caesar salad with chicken mixed in. 


2.) Get active for 30 minutes 

Whenever people hear “workout at home”, they think running, and an at-home workout can be a variety of exercises and yoga. Go on YouTube and search 30-minute workouts and tons of different videos will pop up and you can pick the one that fits you the best. Some of these workouts really help you burn sweat and help get all your anxiety out. I recommend Chloe Ting’s workouts at home. They really get your heart rate going.


3.) Clean out your closet 

If you have been wanting to clean out all your clutter and junk in your room, I highly recommend doing this. Start by emptying all your drawers and closet and sort your items into keep, donate and upcycle. By doing this you accomplished a task which should make you feel good and then also you now have created more space for other clothing and things.


4.) Self-care 

I highly recommend doing self-care at least once a week and doing some good stuff for your body. When you do self-care, light some candles and relax. I usually take a long hot shower and wash my hair and also do a hair mask to deep clean my hair and make it soft and silky smooth. Then I clean my face and put on an Aztec face mask with apple cider vinegar and leave it on for 30 minutes. After that, I put on a hydration mask to lock in all my moisturizer. 


5.) Get ahead 

By getting ahead, you get ahead of all your work and make sure you have everything turned in and all complete. Then if you have additional time, do the next lesson or next assignment so that if you want to take a lazy day or something you can and it won’t affect you. It also takes tons of pressure off from you as well.