Experiencing the Polynesian culture: Hawaii


Exchange students from all around the world having a great time in Hawaii and learning about the Polynesian culture. Photo Credit: Belo USA

   Hawaii is definitely one of the most unique places in the whole United States, not just because of its wonderful beaches, but also because of the story it carries. It is a totally different culture and it was the scenario of extremely important moments in the country’s trajectory. 

   Visiting Hawaii was without any doubt one of the best experiences I had during my exchange year and it completely changed my point of view about the United States. The cultural variety is inexplicably pretty and living all those moments I had in Hawaii with more than 65 exchange students was a once in a lifetime experience.

   Between the most diverse activities, you can find to do in Hawaii, we went sailing, surfing, snorkeling in a preservation area, hiking on the top of the Diamond Head, and we also walked around Honolulu (localized in the main Island, O’ahu), we visited Pearl Harbor, a Polynesian cultural center, and we had an amazing Luau in the last night.

   Polynesian culture is really charming. The way people live their lives in Hawaii seems like a dream. Every day was a good day and, even though sometimes it would be raining, it wasn’t a problem at all. Actually, the weather in Hawaii is kind of funny. It would suddenly start raining and it would stop after ten minutes or so and then go back after one hour. It is just the ideal weather with perfect temperature and sometimes rain just to refresh. 

   I wish everyone had the opportunity to visit Hawaii at least once. I will always bring with me the memories I made there and everything I learned from such a beautiful culture. The way people dress, talk, interact with each other and their great history is something to be valued and preserved. Hawaii is certainly the best place I’ve visited in the United States, besides Roswell, of course.