The beauty of the West Coast


The rocky coast only a few miles from the infamous Big Sur. Photo Credit: Ava Weinreb

Many think that in order to see valleys, mountains, and rocky beaches you have to travel beyond the United States, but on the other side of the country, all three of those beautiful landscapes can be found just miles apart. Oftentimes the west coast is categorized by its large cities and booming social scenes, although there are thousands of other attractions that make the West Coast so unique. 

Washington state, for example, is home to the infamous city of Seattle, although, only an hour away, lies a large beautiful mountain, Mount. Rainier, which is open to the public and has some of the best hiking in the state with gorgeous views. Washington state also offers beautiful coasts and cliffside beaches that are perfect for your rocky beach fix. In addition, West Coast waters are perfect for whales during the migration season, and, if at the right place and right time, you have the opportunity to see the largest living creature on planet earth. 

California, the largest state on the West Coast is primarily known for the unique city of Los Angeles, although along the coast are some of the most beautiful valleys and agricultural land. Roads that lead you up winding mountains make for the perfect day excursions and chances to get reconnected with nature while visiting the chaos of Southern California. Northern California has similar beautiful features, just with cooler winds. The Northern Coast has some of the best rock beaches as well as valleys, which are filled with wildflowers overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean. 

The great state of Oregon, while home to the growing city of Portland, also holds some of the best hiking and rock climbing opportunities. Even on the cloudy days, Oregon trails can offer a beautiful escape and offer the best views overlooking the beautiful rock and dark sand beaches as well as the vast forest with foliage that can only be found in the great state of Oregon.

Next time you are planning your summer vacation and you want to find a place that is filled with the chaos of a city but also the beautiful escape of both sand and rock beaches, numerous hiking trails, valleys, and mountains, just go west.