Take a road trip to St. Simon’s Island and feel right at home


This photo was taken in the dunes on one of St Simons’ many beach accesses. Photo Credit: Ansley Tanner

Ansley Tanner, News Editor

   Along the Southeast coast of Georgia, there is a small island that has access to the Atlantic ocean. It is a quaint place called St. Simons Island.

   There is an abundance of restaurants, houses, and landmarks. Along almost every street, there is a marsh that contains lots of wildlife and has the most gorgeous sunsets to watch. There are also many beach accesses that make you feel like you are in an oasis; there is practically no one around.

   Not to mention, the people on the island are the definition of “southern hospitality.” At Mallory Street Cafe, the waiters know my family’s names and people are all around kind. Along with the town, there are many shops for beachwear and souvenirs leading to a long pier. Many people go out to this pier in the morning and return home at sunset with their dinner that they caught. Next to the pier, there is a lighthouse that is available to climb and see the whole island from the top.

   In addition to St. Simons, from this lighthouse, one can see its neighbor Jekyll Island- to read more about this island, click here. Overall, there is no limit to the adventures to be had on St. Simons Island, only one hour away from Savannah and five hours away from Roswell.