The Modified AP Exams, Explained

Rajath Prabhakar, Sports Editor

On March 20, less than a week after all Fulton County Schools were shut, College Board moved to adjust the Advanced Placement Exams. There were three fundamental changes made. 

Online Tests

The tests will all be administered online. Students can choose to take the exams on their smartphone or a laptop. In addition, students who do not want to or do not have access to a computer can take a picture of their answers and mail them in this way. As it is easy to use technology to cheat on these exams, College Board will use an online proctoring system to reduce cheating on that particular device.

Reduced Content

For all of the exams, no content covered past early March will be on the exam. According to College Board, this is “to be fair to all students, some of whom have lost more instructional time than others”. 

45 minute exams

In a normal year, each exam would take between three and four hours to complete. Now, however, the length of the exams have been reduced to 45 minutes. “Some students do not have ideal testing conditions at home, have to work, have to take care of siblings. Shortening the test will help them to maximize their time”, Social Studies teacher Mrs. Boyd said. Furthermore, all the questions will be free-response questions. This is to prevent cheating, as it is much easier to catch plagiarism in free response questions than multiple choice questions. “If students waste time googling, texting,” said Mrs. Boyd, “they won’t be able to complete the exam”.

Rajath Prabhakar
The AP exams will be pushed back a week, as College Board works to adapt to the use of the internet as a source of cheating.