2020 Olympic Games Postponed

With the Summer Olympics postponed until July 23, 2021, athletes all around the world are left disappointed and discouraged. Many have been training harder than they ever have to make the Olympic team, and are forced to wait another year for trials. 


The last time there were disruptions to the Olympics was during World War II, when the 1940 Olympics in Tokyo (ironically) were cancelled, and again in 1944. 


On March 24 Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, postponed the games due to COVID -19. The Olympic Committee and Abe had to consider the athletes’ health, as well as the health of the spectators and those working the events. 


There have been many questions about the trials and what will happen to those who have already punched their ticket to the games. The most commonly asked question is, “Will athletes who have already qualified have to requalify?” The answer is no. Those who have already made it on the team have secured their spot. 


Many athletes are disappointed, but relieved for their safety and others. “This is bigger than sports. It’s bigger than the Olympics. I think it was definitely the right call. Disappointed … but I think for the safety of everybody, it’s definitely the best thing,” shared two-time Olympic champion Carli Lloyd.


While many see the postponement as another year for improvement, others are faced with a difficult decision. For sports like swimming, athletes have to choose if they want to train exclusively for meets like the Olympics or swim in college. High school seniors will either have to attend college and train on the side, or wait another year to begin their freshman year.


There have been many opinions about the postponing of the games. “I’m a little disappointed about them pushing it back. It’s so inspiring to watch these athletes perform, but I’m excited to watch it next year,’’ said freshman varsity cross country and track runner Ilka Moreno.


On the bright side of this delay, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing are still on. This means there are two Olympic years in a row. 


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