NASCAR Debuts iRacing Events

Alex Johnson, Staff Writer

The state of mind that everyone is in right now because of drastic changes the coronavirus is making isn’t the greatest, also due to all sports and school being cancelled. With all major sports being cancelled, there is an alternative that NASCAR could turn to.

NASCAR has decided to be flexible and host iRacing events. These races are an online simulation of real racing, but all the drivers are at home on their big car simulators and not actually on the road. Other than the fact that the drivers are in the comfort of their own home, everything else pretty much stays the same. The drivers still have spotters to tell them who’s around them and they still can talk with their crew chief. Many drivers have face cams so the announcers can go around and talk to the drivers. Some of the drivers actually use the iRacing simulation as practice in their free time. Some drivers have up to 1,100 hours on the iRacing simulation. iRacing also does races for Indy Car, Formula One, Road Races, etc. 

One of many pictures taken in one of the “iRaces” they can pretty much get whatever shot they want because of the online simulation.

“As a fan of NASCAR, I’m all for the iRacing series, especially with how real it looks with the graphics, but as long as I can watch races it’s all good for me. I like it,” said freshman Will Harrison about the impact that iRacing has had on him.

The iRacing started for NASCAR on March 22, 2020, at the Homestead, Miami track and iRacing was received very positively by the drivers and the fans. NASCAR ended up continuing the season through iRacing and broadcasting it. The NASCAR iRacing broadcast received over 1.3 million views last week. iRacing’s interest and equity has definitely gone up considering most people didn’t know it was a thing.

With all the information that we have about COVID-19, iRacing will continue to rack up followers and views, not only with NASCAR but other major racing sports out there.