How people are surviving pollen season

Natalie Navarra, Staff Writer

Pollen season can be the most miserable few months for people with pollen allergies, especially in Georgia. In fact, on March 26, 11 Alive reported that the pollen “count has soared to 3,697. That’s the worst day yet this year, and would have been the fourth-highest count last year.”

Pollen is very annoying.

Some people have really bad allergies, while others are blessed with not being allergic to pollen. This year though, the high pollen count seems to be affecting people who aren’t even allergic to pollen.

“I’m not really allergic but the pollen is super bad. It’s hard to take my dog for a walk,” says senior Liza Waldron.

Unfortunately, pollen gets in the way of a lot of people’s lives. They cannot go outside without sneezing or getting itchy eyes. They try to avoid going outside and stay inside.

“I went outside for the first time in a month to get some air and right when I went out I sneezed. I went back inside and I had a minor reaction, so I am staying inside for now,” says senior Gabriela Glende.

It is very sad that people are spending sunny spring days inside, but it is what they have to do to survive the season. 

It is important for people to take their allergy medication a month or two before pollen season, so they can be prepared. Some favorite medications people take are Allegra, Flonase, and Alavert. Stay safe and healthy!