Fulton County cases rise past 25,000

Social distancing will play an important role for students when they return to school. Picture Credit: Unsplash

Social distancing will play an important role for students when they return to school. Picture Credit: Unsplash

Noah Goulbourne

As of September 11 the Fulton County Board of Health reported over 25,963 cases of the Coronavirus. Since then, 1,978 of the cases have been reported in Roswell

 The Fulton County government stated that there have been five hundred fifty-five deaths in the county due to the virus. Despite the rise in cases, Fulton County Schools is deciding to re-open for face to face learning.

 If the COVID rates slowdown in the next week, The Fulton County Board of Education stated that they will open at RHS on September 21st, which is known as phase three. 

 Phase three would include one day per week at school. Masks are required to be worn in consideration of other students and faculty members as they have been proven to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The weekday a student will attend face to face depends on their last name. On Wednesdays the building will be closed to all students for deep cleaning, but teachers will be there.  If cases do not dramatically increase during phase three, The Fulton County Board of Education will move into phase four.

Phase four would begin on October 5th. This phase would include two days face to face. Students will either attend school on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday, depending on their last name. 

If phase three and phase four are both successful, then Roswell will initiate its final phase, full time face to face learning. Face to Face learning will begin on October 14th

Since Roswell has over 2,000 students, these phases will be optional for parents. “Although it’s my parents’ decision, I think there shouldn’t be a rush to go to school since online school is working just fine,” says Junior Brandon Foshaug.

 “There is no need to risk student’s health in the midst of this deadly pandemic,” Junior Boubacar Diallo explains. “I feel like this is still not a good time to return to school because people don’t take this virus seriously and all it takes is one person to get the virus to put all the kids in danger.” Diallo also claims, “I do think face to face learning will be more efficient though because kids don’t really learn in online school so it’s a good thing, but still very risky.”