Sports Fans Left Wondering About New Game Experience

As a result of COVID-19,there will be a limited amount of fans that enter each sporting event.
Photo credit: Unsplash

As a result of COVID-19,there will be a limited amount of fans that enter each sporting event. Photo credit: Unsplash

Denis Ilksoy, Staff Writer

Current COVID-19 conditions have brought on significant changes to fall sports these past few months. The Georgia High School Association has been releasing guidelines and mandates to keep both athletes and fans safe during the outbreak. Some of these requirements include social distancing, significantly lessened capacity, and wearing a mask in and around sporting events.

The new changes will bring a new face to Roswell High School fall sports, particularly for the fans. Spectators can no longer pack tightly together at football games celebrating the beginning of a new season. Instead a player on the field would see evenly spaced fans watching from afar. Unfortunately, this takes away from the iconic experience of a Friday night game with friends and family. With a max total capacity of 822, tickets are being sold faster than ever, leaving the fans who couldn’t buy one up to be left at home.

Luckily, RHS has implemented a plan to stream all home games via a service called NFHS. Using this link hornets are able to enjoy the game from the comfort and safety of their house. This option does not allow for the time old tradition of flour tossing or spending time with fellow students, but it does allow for those who miss out to scratch that football itch that has been lingering since last year.

Despite the solutions given by RHS administration to ease up on the tough GHSA regulations, some long time fans have been looking at changing their consistent attendance. Nick Weir, Junior, when told about the new Roswell spectator plans allowing some fans to attend, responded with “I can see why the High School is trying to open sports games up to the public, because they play a big role in the school’s income and fans’ morale, but I think I would rather stay home and watch a live stream since it’s much safer.” Fans like Nick, who would want no more than to spend his night at a Roswell Football game, are still skeptical about attending regardless of safety precautions. 

Athletes and fans alike will have to face these COVID-19 struggles together while trying to enjoy Fall sports in whatever way they can. Whether it be spaced apart in the football stands or livestreaming the next softball game, fans are doing what they can to cope during these tough times. With the myriad of different guidelines ushered in by the GHSA, the Roswell High students are in for a unique season unlike any other, to say the least.

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