Freshman volleyball team makes the best of a very shortened season

The Freshmen team huddled up at game against Alpharetta

Drew Maddox and Cecilia Rubio

As many other athletes can understand, this time is filled with much uncertainty when it comes to how your season will play out. The Roswell freshman volleyball team has been robbed of their season as many complications have come their way. It can be hard to play with an open mind this season when you don’t know when your next game will be, but the freshman team has stayed motivated and made the most of their super-modified season. This year’s freshman volleyball team’s season already only consists of eight games due to COVID-19. Hopefully, in the coming weeks the freshman team will be able to get more playing time in. It is important for all the girls to stay healthy, as well as motivated, during this fall season. 

The freshman team played against Centennial High School on Sept. 14 for one of their first games but thanks to COVID-19, the options for teams available was limited, so the freshman had two other games scheduled against the same Centennial team the following week. About a week after the first game, they received the unfortunate news that one of Centennial’s players tested positive for COVID-19. Their whole team had to be quarantined for two weeks and due to the quarantine of the team, those two games were cancelled. There were no other teams available for play time which means two of the team’s games were definitely canceled. The whole team was devastated hearing this news but they knew they would have time to get extra practice in and come back even stronger. 

“This season has been fun for sure but this season ending a little shorter than normal has definitely been frustrating. We could have grown a little bit better with more opportunities and games but we have still gotten to know each other and see each other‘s strengths as we grow. It’s been fun cheering each other on each game and helping each other,” says freshman Reese McCoin, a defensive specialist on the team.

“I feel sad that our season was shorter, but then again I know that it was only to keep us all safe from COVID-19,” says freshman Kyla Balde, a right side hitter on the team. 

Even with the freshman games being cancelled, they still decided to take that extra time to practice and become better and more confident as a team. The first game they played after their long week of only practice, they won against Alpharetta! It was very encouraging for the team and was something to brighten up the mood from the past week. Now with only two games left, the team is more confident than ever with having extra practice time along with feeling confident in each other. 

The Hornets varsity team has a much longer season, considering they are a more advanced team. The freshmen are excited for varsity’s longer season because they can go to more games and cheer on their fellow Hornets even with their season coming to a close. While running into complications, the girls still had a very good season and are excited for what’s next. Hopefully next year’s season will play out better for the freshman Hornets.