Corey Robinson, the powerful Varsity Football Leader


Jenna Keiser(@jennakeiserphoto)

Corey Robinson, (12) pictured here at his frist game of the senior season.

April McBride, Staff Writer

In 2019, his third season on the varsity team Corey Robinson carved himself out as star offensive linemen. He was up against a Wheeler Liberty commit, knowing if he did well in this game it would put him on the recruiting board. He was able to shut down the commit down multiple times. Corey left him without a sack, pressure, or tackle or a loss against him. Three weeks later Liberty ended up offering him, being first in a line of colleges. He says, “that really taught me the sum of hard work, all the hours I had put in, late nights and extra days”. 

      Corey Robinson is a star player of the offensive line for the varsity football team. He is both a leader in his community and on the field. He has been working within his community at the Seven Bridges homeless shelter since the 6th grade. He also delivers supplies to homeless people living in Atlanta. Corey notes that this has majorly affected his values, “It was incredible to see the impact I could make, and it reminded me to never take things for granted”. He was taught these values by his parents who pushed him from a very young age to “be the best version of myself possible” and he recounts them as “the most impactful people in his life”. Outside of his community work and the field Corey likes to see his friends, play Xbox (which he has perfectly mastered) and lift weights. Lifting for him is an important outlet to let go, “It helps me have full control of myself, I can’t remember the last time I went two consecutive days without lifting”. 

     The journey to where he is now was long and took incredible work. He started playing in the fourth grade. He says, “I was simply terrible, it took a lot for me to be on the same level as the other players, but through my 8th grade and freshman year I worked hard and improved a lot”. He was sick of not being taken seriously and knew he had to get serious about this college dream. He knew that this was what he wanted to do with his life from then, “I was going to give this everything I got, believing that my work daily would pay off”. From freshman spring training to end of sophomore fall season Corey worked tirelessly in the weight room and field and put on about 100 pounds. In his Sophomore year he was accepted to the team. Now entering his senior season Corey’s work has come to fruition. He knows however that he will always be looking to refine his skills even further, “truthfully I will never be happy until I play perfectly, but each week I am improving and focusing on new things”. 

     After high school Corey is looking to play college level on offensive line. He was been approached by over 11 colleges but has made no commit decisions yet. There he plans to study business and sports management, eventually leading to a career in either field. Corey’s dreams go far beyond just a career or college team though as one of his long-term goals is to give back more and more each year to his own community. His hard work and grit are set to follow him through whatever challenge he takes on no matter the effort.