Cooking with Gabby-review on some of Trader Joe’s fall products


Try these new fall products from Trader Joe’s!

Gabby Lerner

It’s fall y’all! I decided to get into the fall spirit by trying three fall items from Trader Joe’s; Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Slims, Fall Harvest Salsa, and Spaghetti Squash spirals. 


I first tried the Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Slims because I love pumpkin spice anything. I was not surprised that I found these pretzels tasty. They reminded me of yogurt covered pretzels, but dumped in a tub of pumpkin spiced lattes. The real question is if they are healthy. This pumpkin snack is not the healthiest just because the servings are small, and they don’t have the best macros. There are only five pretzels per serving, which is not the best thing if you are super hungry. 


The next item I tried was the Fall Harvest salsa. I have to admit; I was scared to try it because pumpkin salsa does not sound appealing. However, this salsa was very good. The only problem I had with it was that I did not taste any pumpkin, apple, or butternut squash. These ingredients were the first few listed. To me, the salsa tasted like normal salsa, except it was orange. My guess is that they added a pumpkin puree to say there was pumpkin in it, but not enough to give it a distinct pumpkin or “fall” taste. 


 The last item I got was the Spaghetti Squash spirals. I liked how creamy and cheesy it ended up being, but I did not like the texture of it. If you are a butternut spaghetti squash enthusiast, this dish is for you. I did get a fall vibe from the spirals; however, the only way to make it was on a stovetop. This was a slight pain because I could not heat it up in the microwave. This item is healthy and only has two servings, so you can eat the whole package without a worry. 


Overall, I enjoyed the fall items I tried. If you have any requests for items I try or cook next, comment below!