Review: Alessio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria


Made with fresh ingredients, Alessio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria never fails to provide a delicious meal for all to enjoy. Customers can feel assured that they are getting the “real deal,” with their pizza fitting the perfect expectations and other unique dishes serving smiles as well. Photo by: Unsplash

Tara Goff

Head over to Alessio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria for a taste of New York. Known for their pizza with the perfect sauce-to-cheese ratio and a thick, crispy crust, Alessio’s replicates the expectation of a perfect slice. If pizza is not your thing, the menu also includes a variety of pasta dishes, heroes, and salads, not to mention the delicious pizookie, whose piping hot cookie perfectly complements the chill of the ice cream.  


Loyal customer Bill Goff states “I love Alessio’s because, having lived in various places and being frustrated by not being able to enjoy New York style pizza, Alessio’s has ‘brought me home.’ They have truly replicated the New York Pizza experience. Extra sauce, extra crispy is the way to go. And I’m so glad that they handled curbside ordering the way they have through the COVID pandemic. Thanks to Alessio’s, Friday night is still pizza night in our household!” 


As COVID-19 forced the closure of many businesses, Alessio’s being one of them, the restaurant took to a system of takeout that was efficient while maintaining regulations that allowed for the safety of customers and staff. Customers would call online to place their order, and in a short period of time their food would be ready. They would pull up to the front of the restaurant where employees had a tent set up; an employee would approach the customer’s vehicle to get the name for the order, bring the food back to the car, and use their tablet system to have the customer pay from their car. This whole process involved masks and gloves to ensure limited contact between the customer and employee. 


Although they are now open again for dining, Alessio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria is still offering takeout options for customers who choose to not dine in at this time. All aspects of this restaurant – the food, service, and employee attitude and cooperation – deserve a 10 out of 10 stars. Call to place your order today and visit the restaurant in Stonebridge Square across from Roswell High School to enjoy a slice of heaven.