How storms Sally and Beta have affected Georgia


Recent spikes in rainfall are caused by Hurricane Sally and tropical storm Beta. Photo credit: Ansley Tanner

Ansley Tanner

Over the past couple weeks, the temperature has dropped and the rainfall has risen in Georgia. This weather is slightly uncharacteristic for Georgia during the month of September. Usually it is still warm outside around this time of year, but the change in temperature has been a nice break from the scorching summer the south received this year. This weather change can be linked to Hurricane Sally and tropical storm Beta originating in the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, both Southwest of Roswell. 


Hurricane Sally hit near the Florida-Alabama border and caused severe flooding and damage. “’We had 30 inches of rain in Pensacola — 30-plus inches of rain — which is four months of rain in four hours’ Ginny Cranor, chief of the Pensacola Fire Department” (Chavez, CNN). Four months of rain in four hours led to people being rescued from flooding streets, houses being destroyed, and a change in lifestyle for many people in the affected area.


Sally died down to a Category 2 hurricane after this impact. The storm then moved east and caused downpours in Georgia. Many activities in Roswell were canceled due to the rain such as sporting events. On top of this, many streets flooded, including Willeo Road along the Chattahoochee River. 


Yet another storm impacting Georgia weather is tropical storm Beta. These rains hit in the Gulf of Mexico and moved through Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama. “Beta’s slow-moving approach is expected to produce rain over a long period, causing flash, urban and river flooding” (Shakelford, CNN). Torrential rains have disrupted the lifestyle of many Texans as the wind ranged all the way up to 45 mph. The Texas Governor issued a disaster declaration for 29 counties and the Louisiana Governor declared a state of emergency. Georgia has received the backend of the storm with slight flooding, however it was much more calm by the time it made its way to the east coast. Georgians should be thankful they did not endure what Texas and Louisiana did and should help in any way possible. To donate to relief from both storms Sally and Beta, and many other natural disasters in the United States, click here


With the combination of impacts from both of these storms, the past couple weeks in Roswell have been very rainy ones. Some may see this rain as a ruined day, but there are many ways to take advantage of a day inside staying dry. 


Some good rainy day activities are staying in and watching a movie, baking a warm dessert, or playing a board game. Or, if one wants to brave the storm, they can suit up in a rain jacket and boots, grab their umbrella, and go for a puddly walk. Roswell Junior Adleigh Wheeler said, “I love the rain. Watching movies while hearing the rain come down on my roof brings me joy.” Sometimes, one has to make the best of any situation, and the rain is just a small setback that can be viewed as a fun opportunity if looked at from the right perspective. 


However, Roswell residents know that the weather can change at the drop of a hat and the temperature can possibly get back up to 80 degrees in the next coming weeks. It is an unknown factor whether Halloween will bring warm or cold weather, as it is constantly changing so make sure to layer up in your costume!