Xbox Series X Vs. Playstation 5



A new generation of consoles is landing this Thanksgiving.

Denis Ilksoy, Staff Writer

With the holiday season of 2020 rapidly approaching everyone is looking for some news that will make this tough year a little more bearable. Luckily for fans of console gaming, Microsoft and Sony may have just the trick. Following true to their recent announcements, the two companies have released the latest tech in their line of consoles. The Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5, respectively, are the talk of the town, boasting incredible performance never before seen in a gaming console, these new products are must-have upgrades from the previous models. The only question- Which one should I buy?

Normally people would simply continue on with their preferred franchise, xbox fans to the Series X and playstation fans to the PS5. However, this year the competition is closer than ever with the benefits of each system rivaling each other like never before. Both Sony and Microsoft are appealing to the ever-advancing industry of gaming technology with their consoles that boast 120 frames per second and compatibility with 8k TVs, the latter not even being standard in homes yet. In terms of technology it looks like Microsoft has the slight edge yet Sony is bringing the A-game with their new console exclusives such as Spiderman, Gran Turismo 7, and many more. At the end of the day both companies have promising consoles, despite them looking like a fridge and wifi-router, respectively. Personally, I have started saving up for the Xbox Series X, for their latest acquisition of several major game developers that is bound to bring some great games with it, but I know many people who would fight for the opportunity to play one of the new Sony exclusives. The choice is yours to make whether you want to fork over the 300-500$ price range or not. Just know that whichever console you buy, you had better free up a couple weekends as you will be hooked.