Introduction of new Cold Stone Creamery: how will it compare to other local favorites?


Alyssa Parnes

Cold Stone Creamery offers a variety of classic flavors that customers can put their own spin on by choosing their mix-ins. The perfect sundae is complete with a waffle cone and sprinkles

Tara Goff, Staff Writer

Did you get the scoop? A new Cold Stone Creamery has just opened in Roswell Corners on Woodstock Road, making for a new location for customers of all ages to head over and enjoy a sweet treat. The chain originated in Arizona and many locations are along the West coast as well as in the North, so the introduction of this business creates variety for the community. Orders are made before the customers’ eyes, showing them the fresh and delicious ways behind their scoops.

         When a customer makes their order, the chosen ice cream flavor is scooped and placed onto an actual cold stone of granite, then is mixed with whatever toppings chosen. This process allows for a combination of many different flavors, as customers can mix and match the ice cream and toppings as they please, and the mixing process being done on the chilly granite prevents the ice cream from melting.

         Benjamin Manning, a customer dining in-store with his wife, said that his first time at this Cold Stone location “did not disappoint.” He was pleased with both the product – which he claimed reminded him of his grandmother’s hand-churned ice cream from when he was younger – as well as the service by eager young workers. However, Manning was put off by the mixing process; while he wanted classic cookie dough ice cream, which has cookie dough chunks in it, he was only given the option to get plain cookie dough flavor and add mix-ins, without the cookie dough chunks. “Can’t help but think that steals some of the inherent flavor one would expect from the name,” he says. Despite this, Manning claims that “A night out for ice cream is a great night out any way you look at it. I give Cold Stone four stars.”