Puerto Rico: A Review


Lonely Planet

Puerto Rico is a very underrated place.

William Tribick, Staff Writer

Puerto Rico is like that one friend that rarely gets attention, but when it does, it’s that something bad has happened. Every year it seems that hurricanes pound into the shores of the beautiful island, making the island prone to hurricane damage and fatalities. But all risk aside, Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. Its tropical rainforest, coral reef, and fascinating history truly makes for a great vacation.


When I visited Puerto Rico a few years back, it was the most magnificent thing ever. The history of the island had me starstruck when I realized that the stone forts built there were used to fend off pirates and other unwelcome visitors. Old San Juan was also a highlight with the colorful streets and the full-of-life atmosphere. Everything about the island was fascinating and exciting. Every corner turned on the streets of Puerto Rico has something new waiting for you.


My time in Puerto Rico was not only exciting but also adventurous. We went on a kayak and snorkeling tour around the island Culebra which is part of Puerto Rico. We snorkeled around the reefs of the island Culebra and got close to sea turtles. When we snorkeled at the reef, I got to see different exotic sea creatures. From octopi to reef sharks, the reef was full of surprises. When we were done snorkeling, the tour bus drove us to one of the beaches on Culebra. The beach was the cleanest beach I had ever seen with water almost as clear as glass. 


Puerto Rico had a huge impression on me and ever since I took that trip, no other vacation has fascinated me as much as that one. The great atmosphere and history is one thing about the island that always engrossed me. The beauty of the island was so magnificent and breath-taking, it was hard to grasp how pretty the island was. Puerto Rico is the best trip I have been on so far but I still have many more adventures to go.