New Netflix Original Show ‘Never Have I Ever’ Review!

Katherine Northenor, Staff Writer

The new Netflix original show “Never Have I Ever” came out earlier this year and has received varying reviews since it’s release. The show focuses on the daily life of Devi Vishwakumar and her crush on the cutest boy in school, Paxton Hall-Yoshida. Throughout the show, she works through struggles in her relationships with friends, family, and Paxton. Additionally, she realizes her true feelings about the loss of her father. 


Although the show is really interesting and contains a well developed plot, I felt as though the acting was very poor and was distracting throughout the show. Usually when you are watching a well-done movie or TV show, you don’t realize the acting of the characters, but throughout “Never Have I Ever,” I was constantly aware of the poor acting. 


Additionally, I felt very overwhelmed by the amount of conflicts going on at the same time throughout the show. Having a few conflicts going on usually keeps the audience on their toes and engaged, but there were so many different plots happening within the show that it felt very confusing. 

Although the show has several flaws, the show does contain an interesting incorporation of Hindu rituals which creates a new viewpoint to non-Hindu audiences. (Lara Solanki)

For these reasons, I give the show a 4/10 rating and wouldn’t recommend it. If you have nothing else to watch, then it isn’t horrible, but if you are looking for a more professionally done and interesting show that contains a good plot, I wouldn’t advise spending the time to watch “Never Have I Ever.”