Ranking Disney’s Halloween Films

Savannah Young, Staff Writer

It’s officially that time of year, folks. It’s time to light those pumpkin spice candles, get a bag of candy from your local CVS, and hunker down in your living room to binge your favorite Halloween movies.  


Today, I feel like reminiscing about my childhood. So, I’ll be ranking Disney’s Halloween movies. These films can all be found on Disney+, so feel free to follow along! 


Honorable Mention: Coco 


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While not technically a Halloween movie, Coco is one of the best films Disney has released in this past decade. It features a beautiful storyline, interesting characters, and a handful of entertaining songs. The film, while animated, is a beautiful example of what it’s like to be with your family through thick and through thin. It’s perfect for all ages and reminds its audiences to be proud of where they came from, even if they’re taking a different path than those before them. 

  1. Frankenweenie




I’ve got to be honest; I didn’t grow up watching Frankenweenie.  


Although I was a child when the animated version was released, which I remember because of the cloth bags they gave out at Subway, I never had any interest in watching it.  


Why, you may ask? Because I knew a dog would die and I wasn’t ready to handle it. Then again, I really couldn’t handle any Tim Burton movie, as shown with how low I ranked The Nightmare Before Christmas. 


Honestly, this short wasn’t terrible. The acting was surprisingly good considering the premise of the short, which is bringing back a dog to life— twice. 


In the very first couple of minutes of the short (literally the first two), I was into it. It featured a sweet little boy and his adorable dog. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? 


Boy was I wrong! Sparky, unfortunately, dies twice and is revived twice in the span of 26 minutes. Yes, you read that right: He dies twice. 


Overall, I found this short to be creepy and disturbing. Then again, it’s by Tim Burton. 



  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas


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Now, this may come as a shock to many Tim Burton and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” lovers, but I haven’t been able to sit through the film once. I know, I know, it’s crazy, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? 


I’m not sure why this gave me nightmares as a child, but I strongly remember refusing to turn the overhead light off in my room for a straight week after seeing the Boogey Man. He was nightmare inducing when I was five. 


Another reason that I didn’t particularly care for this movie was due to its use of stop motion. Younger me thought it was terrifying. Now, I have a huge respect for stop motion and cinematography. Still, the characters continue to freak me out.  


Altogether, this movie has a good storyline. I haven’t watched the whole film or even seen the first five minutes in years. Maybe, this year will be the year where I finally sit down with a bucket of popcorn and actually get through the whole film. We’ll see! 



  1. Haunted Mansion


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Anyone who’s ever been to Disney World or Disneyland has most likely been on or seen the Haunted Mansion ride. Throughout the past decade, it’s grown in popularity, becoming a fan favorite ride.  


Although it’s a popular attraction, not many people have seen or heard of the film of the same name, which was based off the ride. “Haunted Mansion” came out in 2003 and starred Eddie Murphy, who’s known for his comedic roles. He definitely brought his jokes to the table, making it more of a comedy than anything else. 


I may have enjoyed the movie when I watched it a few years back, and I’m sure if I watched it again I still would, but the film got very mixed reviews. It was difficult to separate Murphy from his character, Jim Evers. It almost felt like it was Eddie Murphy in a costume, which just so happened to be a suit and tie. 


All in all, the film was filled with hilarious moments, such as the scene when Jim’s in the crypt with his daughter, practically every scene with the crystal ball, and Murphy’s signature one-liners.  



  1. Twitches
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My first memory of watching “Twitches” was sitting in the living room old my old house, in my worn out leather couch, with a piece of toast in my hand. I remember being on the edge of my seat, mainly because I really wanted another piece of toast. But, also because I genuinely enjoyed the movie. 


It came out on Disney Channel in 2005, so I watched it about four years after its release. That’s the day I fell in love with Disney Channel Originals. I don’t know why, but it lit a spark that lasted for the next four or five years.  


That was also the day I fell in love with mystery movies, as sisters Alex and Camryn were trying to figure out why exactly they were separated.  


The first film was great and ended with a satisfying conclusion. So great and satisfying that Disney decided to release “Twitches 2”, which continued to tell the sisters story after finding out that they were, in fact, royalty. 


The last time I watched this film, I was eight. I haven’t watched it since because I haven’t wanted to ruin the magic of what it once was. At the time, I thought it was one of the greatest movies ever made because I was eight and hadn’t been exposed to as many genres. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally watch it again, in hopes that the same feel it once had will still be there.  



  1. Halloween Town




This movie practically made my childhood. I watched it religiously every Halloween for about five or six years until I got to the point that the magic was gone.  


Debbie Reynolds, who played Grandma Aggie, was by far the best part of the movie. She made it magical, fun, and interesting as a kid. I remember wishing that she could be my grandmother when I was five or six.  


I remember wishing that I, myself, could go to Halloween town when I was six to see the giant pumpkin in town square. Oh, the memories… 


And although the movie has its flaws, as Marnie was incredibly annoying and selfish in the first film, it’s overall a good movie with a structured plot. It may start off a bit slow to build up anticipation, but you’re hooked as soon as they get to Halloween Town.  


There’s not much to say about this movie without full on spoiling it, so I’ll put it simply; It’s a great movie that reminds me of my childhood. As simple as that. Whether or not I’d feel the same about the film if I watched it now is a story for another day. 





  1. Hocus Pocus


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By far the most popular and well known film on this list (for obvious reasons), Hocus Pocus changed pop culture for the better. The movie perfectly mixed every film genre into one. From romance (Allison and Max) and comedy (Winnie’s one-liners) to horror (taking children’s youth, A.K.A. killing them) and adventure (trying to stop the Sanderson sisters), it’s truly a film everyone can enjoy.  


Although the film wasn’t very popular when it was first released, it’s forever immortalized in pop culture. It broke boundaries and barriers, something that other films of that time lacked.  


As an audience, we feel for each and every character. Sometimes, we feel like Binx, sarcastic and driven. Other times, we feel like Winnie, extremely annoyed and overall just done with everything there is to do. It’s rare for a film to have so many characters to relate to, but Hocus Pocus does it flawlessly. 


Overall, this film deserves to be ranked #1, due to it’s amazing special effects, acting, and storyline.   




How many of these films have you seen? Click here to find out!