The start of a new era of “Dancing with the Stars”


Dancing with the Stars

One of the changes due to coronavirus was an elongated judges table. The three judges now sit socially distanced away from each other in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Ashley Meyer, Staff Writer

The difference between last year and this year

Many avid viewers of “Dancing with the Stars” sat down on their couches hoping for a ‘good change,’ but it was not. Tyra Banks took over the show this season as the new producer/host and has drawn too much of the focus of the show to herself. 

As the show starts, the audience watches Tyra Banks strut down the stage, instead of the usual group dances that showcases all of the pros who have been with the show. This walk usually entails a large dress and many waves and poses toward the nonexistent audience.


This awkward start to the show may be the result of the changes that have to be made due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in all other aspects of the show, the changes because of coronavirus have been positive. For example, because there are no live audience members, the theater has been covered by large LED screens that surround the stage giving the theater a unique feel with each new dance.


Overall the new season is a solid 6/10. The show has the same basic structure as years before, but as the show declines in popularity the celebrities that appear lessen in star power and Tyra Banks’s personality does not fit the show as well as Tom Bergeron, the old host. The show is still entertaining, but it doesn’t compare to the seasons when the show was in its prime.