“Wonder” Review

Alexandra Wiggins, Staff Writer

Over the past decade, singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes has released four albums. He has won over a hundred awards and has gone on a world tour for each of the albums he has released. His most recent single, “Wonder,” has been a hit amongst the younger demographics. 

With a variety of different songs, albums, and singles, I think his new song “Wonder” is one of my personal favorites. The lyrics of this song are so deep and meaningful, which is standard for Mendes as he has never failed to make his songs powerful and sometimes emotional for different types of people. This song is truly so relaxing and some would even say that it is good to listen to when you’re feeling sad and just want to be put into a good mood. 

I am not a true fan of Shawn Mendes, but I do enjoy listening to his music. His voice is so soothing and just spreads happiness throughout the room. The song is primarily about how our world that we live in is just so “black and white.” The song also includes lyrics about Mendes’ rise to stardom and how he hopes that he has not lost his pre-fame friends. Many sources such as Beyond the Stage magazine state that “Wonder is one of Mendes’ most vulnerable and personal songs, speaking on the struggle to express emotions.” Since this song is so deep and meaningful to Mendes himself, he will actually be releasing a documentary of his rise to fame on Netflix, “In Wonder,” coming on Nov. 23 with the full album of Wonder set to drop on Dec. 4. 

Even if Shawn Mendes isn’t one of your favorite artists, I still highly recommend listening to his new song. Especially in a crazy year like 2020, we as a community need a song to relate to and just to listen to out of boredom. I frankly cannot wait to see the powerful messages his upcoming album holds after such a hard year. It’s going to be a great album and most people can already tell based on the first song. 

Shawn Mendes favorite instrument. (Dan Hodgkins/Unsplash)