Reviewing “A Tribe Called Red”

A Tribe Called Red pay homage to their Indigenous heritage with their colorful graphic

A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red pay homage to their Indigenous heritage with their colorful graphic

Tara Kurian, Staff Writer

As we all know, October 12th, which was originally known as Columbus Day, now Indigenous Peoples Day, is a day to celebrate the heritage and contributions of the Native Americans to America. You may have heard of a band called “A Tribe Called Red”, a electronic music group that combines EDM with First Nations music, particularly vocal chanting and drumming.

One song of theirs I listened to was called “Stadium Pow Wow”. The entire song has the presence of vocal chanting and EDM and contributes to the tone of the song, which is one of power and Indigenous pride. The cinematography of the video is also something to be admired. One of the most striking shots in this video was a tracking shot of a young boy running through a field with his braided hair flying behind him. To many First Nation groups, long hair is a sign of pride, which further emphasizes the song’s meaning of Indigenous pride. Another song I listened to is called “Sisters”, which is a celebration of Indigenous women. The music features Northern Cree singers and EDM, but the video again is a masterpiece. The video follows three Indigenous girls who are having fun throughout their day. It is particularly enjoyable to see Indigenous women represented like this because too often today, we see Indigenous women as unknown statistics, but this video humanizes them and reminds non Indigenous viewers that they are still people and not statistics.

A Tribe Called Red is an exceptional example of cultural appreciation, and if you are looking for a new artist to add to your playlist, check these guys out!