Lifeguarding during COVID


Gabby Lerner

Lifeguarding is a great job for teens looking to get outside over the summer.

Gabby Lerner, Director of Business

During a summer full of uncertainty, I was certain of one thing: I wanted a job. As someone who swam competitively for nine years, lifeguarding was a great job option. I ended up working all summer as a lifeguard and earned a good amount of money, as well as a nice tan. 


Lifeguarding was a great job for me because I got to sit outside and listen to music while making sure all the people in the pool were accounted for. However, COVID played a large part in it. 


One of the main things COVID did to impact my job was that masks were mandatory if we were not on the lifeguard stand. This was hard because it was super hot out and wearing a mask made it even hotter.

Patrons and staff were required to following COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure that everyone was safe (Gabby Lerner)

 Another thing we had to do was sanitize everything when we were not watching the pool. We were required to wipe down railings, spray chairs with sanitizing spray, and make sure everyone was social distancing. In addition, when rotating stands, guards were required to spray the lifeguard chair with sanitizing spray. 


The pool I worked at handled COVID very well and had very strict restrictions and guidelines to ensure that staff members and patrons felt safe. 


For the most part, I felt safe, but there were some instances where I was scared I was going to get the virus. I felt this way because the other lifeguards were not as cautious about the pandemic, and I frequently heard stories about their friends getting COVID.