Voting in the Upcoming Election is Important


Learn the importance of voting and get a cool sticker ( photo by unsplash)

Gracie Ross

Most Americans are afforded the right to vote in Article 1 of the United States Constitution. It is important to voice your opinion in order to find the best results for our country. During election time we all hear pleas to go out and vote. While most of us are young and cannot legally vote, we voice our opinions and overhear opinions from adults around us.

There are of course people who argue over the importance of voting. Data from polling in the past created tension on the topic of if one vote really matters. You should vote because a vote has a weight on the whole political community. Last election similar opinions arose, the NY Times stated, “Even though it’s utterly unlikely that an individual vote will decide a large-scale election, the group of all voters will do so. Therefore, I have reason to vote insofar as I have a good reason to join this community”.

Most arguments regarding the importance of voting are due to the opinion of whether one vote counts enough to make a change. Data shows one vote is included in a community vote and the weight of one vote does make a difference.

Not voting is giving up your voice. Elections have consequences and you can decide the country’s future. People pay taxes and that money is being used, but you get to decide how. Voting is an opportunity for change and your community is depending on you.

Therefore, voting and encouraging others to vote in the upcoming election is extremely important. Your opinion is one of many that can lead the way to a better future for our country.