Why students are choosing to learn face to face or stay virtual

Denis Ilksoy, Staff Writer

This month has marked a huge step in Roswell High School’s plan to get back to a regular learning environment as soon as possible. This final phase of the Fulton County 6 step plan gives all students the option to return to a full face-to-face environment or stay at home and continue with remote learning. This has proven to be a little bit difficult for teachers to accommodate teaching for both remote learning students and in person students.

Virtual learning allows Roswell students to learn from the comfort of their own homes
credit: Deniz Ilksoy

When asked what her decision making process was when choosing between the two learning options, Junior, Michala Wings said “I did not like learning at home, my grades began slipping, and I missed having a more structured routine like the one at school.” She and many more feel like school is more carefully planned out and that there are less distractions to keep a student from the full learning experience. On the topic of Covid-19 procedures in the school, Michala added, “I think it is a very different situation and one to get used to, but it is still worth attending in person classes.”

Although it’s far different from what we were used to for the past years of our lives, being back in a physical class has adjusted the motivation and learning abilities of students for the better. They would rather have a schedule to follow to keep them on track and allow them to get an education to the fullest extent.

However, this doesn’t account for the whole student body. According to a report given directly from Fulton County out of the 2247 enrolled at Roswell, 29.9% have elected to continue learning from home.

According to Junior, Emily Vega, “I decided to stay home because I can manage my time better in the comfort of my own house and I am able to do it at my own pace while staying completely safe from Covid-19.” This is a factor that plays an important role in many students’ and parents’ decision making process. “Do I want to risk being in an enclosed space with strangers for most of the day?” It is a difficult choice to make especially when dealing with so many important factors.

Another student, Carson Glaze, Junior, is sticking with remote learning because “Staying at home gives me a better and more controlled environment to learn on my own.” This sentiment is well-understood by many students at Roswell High School. Some are able to effectively receive their education, even at home, because they are able to manage their time and relax in the stress-free environment of their choosing.

For those who prefer the well-practiced, well-regulated school routine, then face-to-face is ready and waiting for you. To the student who likes the freedom to pace around their own house or work in any room they please, enjoy remote learning for as long as it is available. Regardless of the learning choices picked by the thousands of students at RHS, this year will no doubt prove to be an interesting one.

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