Something must be done about Muslim re-education camps in China

Hashtags have been made to bring awareness to the Muslim genocide. #WeStandWithUyghur is the main hashtag where information and pictures are shared to inform the public. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Hashtags have been made to bring awareness to the Muslim genocide. #WeStandWithUyghur is the main hashtag where information and pictures are shared to inform the public. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Nicole Powichroski

Warning: This article contains content addressing sexual abuse and torture.


Islamophobic beliefs are implied by the Chinese government, as they have built over 380 “re-education camps” in China. These camps are used as a torture facility to punish practicing Muslims because of a “threat of nationalism.” There is no excuse for the horrific acts going on within these re-education camps, which makes it more frustrating. 


The conditions and punishments of these camps are atrocious. The Muslim citizens are considered prisoners in the Chinese government. Magazine “The Week” wrote an article stating that “torture — metal nails, fingernails pulled out, electric shocks — takes place in the ‘black room.’ Pun­ish­ment is a constant. The prisoners are forced to take pills and get injections.” Women are also being raped by prison guards and in the instances where they end up pregnant, are forced into abortions without safe medical assistance. In the Islamic faith it is forbidden to eat pork, but these camps are forcing Muslims to practice anti-Islamic values such as forcefully eating pork, drinking alcohol, consuming drugs, and not giving the time availability to do five prayers a day. Muslim children younger than 13 are forced to live here as well and endure psychological punishments to guilt them into denouncing their religion.


Many countries know about the severity of the punishments that go on in the re-education camps but not much international action has been taken. Human Rights Watch wrote “Last year, British Ambassador Karen Pierce used a public statement at the UN’s New York headquarters, backed by some two dozen countries, to condemn China’s treatment of Turkic Muslims, urge the closure of detention centers, and appeal for Bachelet’s unrestricted access.” However, countries are failing to take more affirmative action towards the leaders in charge of the re-education camps. Telling China that what they are doing is wrong without taking action does nothing for the Muslim prisoners. World leaders are aware of the severity of these camps but in fear of losing an alliance or trade with China, they remain silent about the injustice going on.


Sophomore Izzy Strent was asked if she knew about the severity of these camps. She says, “I don’t think people realize how bad it is. This has been going on for years now and people are world leaders who have known about this for years. It is disgusting how nothing is being done about it either. This is mass genocide and the Chinese government doesn’t have a clear reasoning for why they are doing it too. These camps need to be invaded but countries don’t want to lose their trade and alliance so people are being forced to suffer. They are forcing these Muslims to do everything that goes against their religion. It’s horrifying.”


Invading these camps is the only way to save millions of lives of innocent Muslims. Being stripped away from their lives and will to live because of their religion is just history repeating itself less than one hundred years after the Holocaust. The resemblance to World War II is very specific, especially when invading these camps can result in another world war if Chinese officials feel as if they were under attack without reason from outsiders. An untold number of lives have already been lost and will continue to be lost without extensive media coverage and a push from the United Nations telling how unlawful the Chinese government is being.