New Season of the “Bachelorette”

Cecilia Rubio, Staff Writer

As many “Bachelor” Nation fans know, Clare Crawley is this season’s “Bachelorette,” the oldest “Bachelorette” at 39 years old. Her season has dealt with many obstacles, like the production being postponed due to COVID-19. There has been some controversy with how she has handled this season. Crawley claims she “met her husband” on night one, which left many viewers skeptical and confused. Also, her original cast had to be re-casted to better align with her age. Supposedly, after a few weeks of filming, Clare decided she had found her husband and Tayshia Adams took over, causing some of Clare’s “backup” men to be re-casted for this new season. This past episode (airing on Oct 19) was filled with cringeworthy moments and controversial group dates. Many people are annoyed with Crawley’s behavior after she confronted all the men because she thought they were more interested in hanging out with each other then getting to know her. It is clear the new “Bachelorette” is still a little bitter over her last “Bachelor” experience with Juan Pablo, after being sent home at the final proposal. The third episode aired Oct 26. If you want to see how Clare’s season continues to play out, tune into ABC at 8:00 on Monday nights. 

Who will get the final rose? (Unsplash)