Roswell High School varsity volleyball exciting playoff run comes to an end


The volleyball team huddled up after making a show stopping spike to take the lead in the third quarter. This allows the girls to collect themselves and game plan their next move. Photo credit – Katie Northenor

Katherine Northenor, Staff Writer

It’s been an incredible playoff run at state this year for the women’s varsity volleyball team. During their regular season, the team had a record of 16-2 and made it all the way to the Elite Eight in the state playoffs. Their final match was played this past Tuesday, October 27th against Walton High School for the spot in the Final Four. With Roswell ranked #3 in the state, they faced a tough battle against the #2 Walton Raiders on their last game. 


The game ended with a Roswell Hornet loss of 3-1. They lost the first two sets, and then made a comeback after halftime just before losing the last set in the fourth quarter. The Hornets fought hard and their amazing teamwork was noticeable to everyone in the stands. 


From a fan’s point of view, it was easy to recognize how fluently the volleyball team worked together and their communication skills made their points look almost effortless. The team was very well practiced and they did a great job of putting up a fight against a tough team like Walton. 


Ellery Eicher, a sophomore at Roswell High School who came to a few of the volleyball games describes her view from the stands during their last game when stating, “I think the volleyball team did extremely well considering the team they played. They were one of the first teams to win a set against Walton, and it really showed the team’s heart when they didn’t give up after losing the first two sets.”


Roswell’s team received an enormous amount of support throughout their season with students and parents selling out the gym on their last game. Although the season has come to a devastating end, the team’s effort and the amount of work they put in has not gone unnoticed. 


Sophomore at RHS, and two-year varsity volleyball player Quincy Morin talks about her thoughts on their season this year when saying, “This season was the best one I’ve ever had. The bond that the team had was incredible, and it showed on and off the court.” 


The team’s bond and ability to be extremely connected while playing had an important role in their success this year. Emma Stokes, another sophomore and two-year varsity volleyball player talks about their tight bond as well when she states,  “I’ve never played on a team who loves each other as much as we do, and who is so supportive of one another. I can honestly say that I looked forward to every game and every practice.” 


The seniors also played a major role in the team’s success this season with them being extremely encouraging and supportive towards the underclassmen players. Stokes describes the amazing impact the seniors had on her this year saying, “Thank you to the seniors for being such great role models to the underclassmen and for being such dedicated leaders all the time. I’m so proud to have been able to play with such an amazing group of girls.” 


This spectacular season for the Varsity Volleyball team here at our very own Roswell High School has set the stage for other sports to work hard to achieve the same amount of success as these outstanding girls. We will truly miss the seniors that will unfortunately be leaving us after the end of the school year, but the team expresses that they will continue to stay connected to one another while separated, with Quincy Morin stating, “I know these girls will be my family forever and will always have my back.”

Quincy Morin (#8) setting the ball for Mariah Haislip (#13) to spike it for a needed point in the fourth quarter, while down by only 2 points.
Photo credit – Katie Northenor


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