Review of Jaden Smith’s new mixtape CTV3



To pair with the new musical style Jaden Smith experimented with throughout this mixtape, he created a different, but well executed new artistic style for the cover of the mixtape.

Rachel Sandstrom, Staff Writer


Jaden Smith has been creating music since he was just a kid. From his collaboration with Justin Bieber in Bieber’s hit song, “Never Say Never,” all the way to his new mixtape “Cool Tape Vol. 3,” Smith has never stopped giving us musical masterpieces.


Smith’s previous albums SYRE, which was released in 2017, and ERYS, released in 2019, are a lot different than “Cool Tape Vol. 3,” or CTV3. He created a more wild and bold musical sound in these previous albums that was a bit all over the place artistically. Although he was still very talented while creating those albums, he was very young and still obviously trying to find his personal sound. Now that he is a bit older with some experience under his belt, CTV3 presents one style that is more bright and somewhat along the lines of a Beach Boys or Beatles classic pop sound. This makes CTV3 my favorite album Smith has produced throughout his musical career.


There is more meaning to his songs now than I think there ever was in his previous music. One of my favorites on this mixtape would have to be ‘Deep End.’ He opens with the lyrics, “I wish you loved me like your cell phone.” It’s sad how true this is in today’s society. People are so addicted to their phones these days that life passes them by and sometimes they will miss out on living in the moment. They miss out on something that is happening right in front of them. Smith highlights this meaning perfectly in ‘Deep End.’ He then goes on to sing about ‘diving in the deep end’ with someone. He wants to go full in with that person but they can’t reciprocate because they’re too consumed with fickle things such as their cell phone. 


Smith takes inspiration from the Beach Boys, taking you back to the more classic pop sound mixed with a new age twist in his hit song, ‘LUCY!’ It matches the vibe of teens enjoying a long summer night that they don’t want to end. One of my favorite lyrics in this song is “We’re floating over the hills, you’re gorgeous / Let’s just stay here ‘til the morning.” It really makes you feel like you’re in this world of summer bliss. 


‘Boys and Girls,’ comes in as the last song on the mixtape to top off this interestingly creative masterpiece. The meaning behind this song is quite beautiful as Smith preaches about how today’s youth will change the world through determination and love. “We as a youth have to see the sign / Fill up the streets with our love and pride / The hatred will never survive,” he sings. Then he switches to the chorus: “You say we only boys and girls / I say we can change the world / The future lies within the boys and girls.” I’m sure his hope behind this song is to give the youth encouragement to never stop fighting for what is right because after all, it is our generation’s turn to do what we can to help change the world for the better.


It is clear that Smith has grown and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. I would definitely recommend listening to CTV3. It may spark some happiness in you or perhaps even some motivation to “change the world.” Whichever it is, you won’t regret giving it a quick listen.