Gifts for the Holiday Season Should be Ordered in Advance Due to Delivery Delays During the Pandemic

Gracie Ross, Staff Writer

Surges in online purchasing during a pandemic means that the delivery rates are becoming slower. Many people are staying home and are spending most of their time online shopping. Deliverers and recipients are growing worried about the delay in delivery time. Deliverers have been constantly working to deal with the recent influx of packages.

Even though fall has just begun, people have already started to think about the upcoming holiday season and the gifts they want to give to their family members, friends, and loved ones.

Now that the holiday season is approaching, people should start their shopping for holiday gifts. This holiday season, earlier online gift shopping is being highly encouraged due to the delay in delivery time of packages. Experts are saying they predict a huge surge in online delivery.

COVID-19 has triggered an increase in ecommerce. Shipping volumes have increased to a Christmas-level peak. Many people are wanting to save their holiday shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday but they should definitely keep in mind the delivery time for all of their gifts to arrive.    

The amount of people online shopping for holiday gifts this year will be increased due to the fact that most people are staying home to avoid catching the virus. The amount of people wanting to purchase gifts online will also increase the amount of delays in gift deliveries. If you decide to order ahead of time, you can avoid inventory issues and shipping delays.    

The increase in online shopping has worried deliverers so much that it has caused a growth in employees being hired. “The delivery services say they are increasing capacity as quickly as they can. UPS hired 39,000 permanent new employees in the second quarter of 2020, all of whom are working inside its sorting facilities or as drivers. It also will hire more than 100,000 additional seasonal employees for the peak holiday time frame. FedEx is adding 70,000” (CNN). To learn more about this story visit CNN.

Get a head start on your shopping, so all your gifts are wrapped up in time for the holidays.
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People who have already been online shopping during the pandemic, have most likely already experienced shipping delays. Therefore, if you’re considering getting your gifts online, you better start now. Shipping delays and supply chain delays are a high concern this season. Sooner rather than later, due to the pandemic, gifts are also quickly going out-of-stock. Macy’s, Best Buy, and Home Depot have already put together a guide to great gift ideas that give you the best deals. Fedex and UPS have released shipping deadlines and told their recipients to beware of shipping delays. So, get started now on your holiday shopping and check off items on your loved ones’ lists.

Get an item checked off a Holiday wishlist and wrap it up nice for a loved one.
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