Four-on-One’s With Baseball Players

Alex Johnson, Co-editor - Sports Page

COVID-19 has brought many difficulties to students, teachers, and coaches and has made playing a sport this year very hard. Usually, for baseball, everyone who wants to try out for the team will show up at the field for conditioning and then workouts, but this year’s baseball season has changed a lot 

Now every day before you step on the field, you are required to have your temperature checked and must answer 10 questions about COVID-19 (if you have been near anyone with it and/or tested, etc.). Also, in addition to being spaced out, which is what they did for conditioning, players were placed in specific groups. 

Sophomore baseball player Bridger Douglas says, “I mean yeah I get that we have to get our temperature checked, but it just isn’t the same and I feel like everyone knows that but it’s still just weird.”  

With COVID-19, the baseball team had to start following the four-on-one rule where if we wanted to be on the field, there could only be four people per coach. This was hard for the coaches to set up schedules and have the right people in the right group because there are a lot of freshmen this year adding to the amount of total people.  

They are now starting to workout three days of the week in the school and they do have to social distance as much as they can in such a small area. In addition, the coaches still are required to wear masks. 

Arguably the best looking field in the division, John P. Coen Sr. Field is ready for baseball.
Picture credits to Roswell Baseball Twitter.

Assistant Varsity coach Ben Raimondi says, “I hate wearing these things, but we got to do it.” 

Even throwing a bullpen it is only four players to a coach: two catchers, two pitchers. The coaches are doing everything they can to get everybody reps before tryouts which is why they allow open hitting and throwing after workouts.  

Sophomore baseball player Will Harrison says, “definitely think the four-on-one rule makes things difficult considering if we didn’t have it everyone could be on the field at the same time so hopefully this will go away soon.” 

For now, everything must be run with COVID-19 precautions. However, the Roswell baseball program is doing the best they can to not only have a productive baseball season but a safe one too. With tryouts coming up in the next couple months, the coaches are doing the best they can to make sure everyone is ready.