Why Students are in Fear for this Election

Nicole Powichroski, Staff Writer

This seemingly never-ending nightmare of the 2020 election, is soon to give the United States citizens their new president. For the past four years, Donald Trump has been in the Oval Office as a Republican president. Before COVID-19, he was successfully increasing the economy and focused most of his presidency on the economy. He shied away from making many social changes that would have been beneficial. Social changes were often negatively impacted under his presidency. The LGBTQ+ community, women, environmentalists, and other groups have already experienced negative changes, but are even more fearful if he gets elected for a second term.

Sammy Caifano, sophomore, after finding out the results of the 2020 election.
Photo by Nicole Powichroski.

During Trump’s presidency, he has directly attacked the LGBTQ+ community by not allowing people who are transgender to enlist in the military unless they identify with their born sex. By nominating Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court, many feared that gay marriage could be overturned because of a now heavily right-leaning supreme court and multiple judges saying they would vote to have it overturned. This puts students and other young adults in fear of losing the ability to marry the person they love.

Every woman should be worried to lose the rights to their body. BBC News compared Trump’s views versus Biden’s views on women’s reproductive rights. According to BBC, Trump has made it clear that “we are making it harder to get an abortion now, want to overturn federal protections and would support a near-total ban,” while Biden states “we will protect a woman’s right to choose and fight to keep access to abortion legal. We will withdraw Mr. Trump’s Supreme Court nominee if we win the presidential election.” Donald Trump has already moved forward into nominating a Supreme Court judge that has full intentions on overturning Roe v. Wade (the Supreme Court case which legalized abortions). If Trump is elected and does become successful with banning abortions, women will still manage to find a way to perform them, but they will be incredibly more dangerous, which in theory could in result in more deaths of mothers. Visit BBC news to read more about the abortion topic.

Sophomore Emma Hubschur shared her concern: “It is really scary at times, scarier than people think. Trump made the Supreme Court right-leaning, which means many policies are at risk. Many Republican judges have admitted to being in favor of reversing gay marriage, including Amy Coney Barrett. He has no remorse for the LGBTQ+ community, and knowing people close to me who are a part of it really hurts to see them in fear for their future.” The impact of who Trump appoints and his policies as president has made young teens fearful they will have to fight for rights they already had to fight for. 

Environmentalists and other scientists are concerned nothing will be done to protect our environment. Biden has made it clear he has plans to listen to scientists and enforce environmental regulations to control global warming. The Washington Post analyzed Trump’s impact on environmental control over the past four years and found “Trump’s first term winds to a close, he has weakened or wiped out more than 125 rules and policies aimed at protecting the nation’s air, water and land, with 40 more rollbacks underway.” If he continues to retract forcefully important actions he could easily speed up the time to where the environmental damage is irreversible. More information at The Washington Post.

Immigrant parents have another major concern. Due to the diversity at Roswell, many students are worried about themselves, friends, and family. Donald Trump has made it clear his antipathy towards immigration with the plans of ‘the wall’ and the Muslim ban, which is inherently Islamaphobic as it associates ISIS and other terrorist groups with Islam.