Biden Takes Campaign to Georgia


It is a tight race between Trump and Biden. Pic Credit: Unsplash

Cecilia Rubio

Presidential campaigns are coming to a close as election day on November 3 quickly approaches. Biden has decided to take his final journey making a few stops here in Georgia, as well as Florida, Iowa and Wisconsin. Biden’s last minute stop in Georgia is in an attempt to flip Georgia blue, which has been a consecutively republican state since 2000. This year’s election will come down to many important swing states, Georgia being one of them. Georgia holds 16 electoral votes and has been slightly shifting less conservative in past elections. 


While in Georgia, Biden stopped through Atlanta encouraging voters to get their early voting in. Georgia has not elected a democratic candidate since Bill Clinton in 1992. Barack Obama also headlined at Biden’s campaign in Georgia, trying to urge Georgians to flip Georgia blue. Obama and Biden served two terms as president and vice president from 2008-2016. Obama may be the best person to be campaigning for Biden, considering their partnership and friendship through their terms. The former president and current Democratic nominee are hoping that with the campaigns to Georgia, they can possibly flip Georgia from their majority Republican past. They are also hoping to possibly flip two Senate seats blue with Ossoff and Warnock running for Senate against Perdue and Loeffler. It is apparent there will be a runoff Senate election in January since neither candidate can get a majority vote. 


The goal of this trip to Georgia is to push into territories Trump easily won four years ago, and to encourage his supporters to get out and vote. As election results come in, we will see if his efforts pay off.