Physical Ed classes and their safety precautions


Coronavirus has changed many of the activities in our lives. Photo by Maynor Chinchilla

Maynor Chinchilla, Editor - People Page

Exercise is helpful not just for everyone’s physical health but also for our mental health. Exercise can help you to get distracted and forget all of the horrible things in your life. At this time a lot of students like to go to the gym and play with their friends, to get distracted and forget about Coronavirus and other problems. Sadly, because of the virus, the Gym classes or Physical Training classes are changing and these places/classes that make us escape from problems now are making us think about these problems even more. The reason why is because now everyone needs to be separated, students may not play with equipment because everyone has touched it before, and masks can make your breathing difficult while you are doing something physical like doing exercise.

Also the work for the teachers in these classes has become harder. One of the reasons there are students that are taking online classes. Coach William Bradach told The Roswell Sting that he does not really have a way to know that students at home are doing what they need to do in class, but he is trusting these students and his parents. Coach Bradach also thinks that students need to socialize in the class as they used to do so their mental health can get better, but he also wants to remind students to follow the rules to stay safe in the middle of the pandemic.

Another thing that has changed in the gym is clothes. Before Coronavirus, students used to change their formal clothes for clothes appropriate for doing exercise, but because of Coronavirus the locker rooms where these students used to change their clothes are now closed, and students attend to the class with their formal clothes. One thing that is making coach Bradach happy is the fact that students are following the rules and are wearing their mask all of the time. Even though he has seen a lot of changes in his class like the fact that the gym is more quiet because students are socializing less, he tries to be positive about everything. He wants to remind everyone to be “active and exercise” to be more healthy physically and mentally. One last thing that Coach Bradach wants for his teaching space is more equipment, so every student can play and have less risk to get Coronavirus. Remember to follow CDC rules to be safe, and also to wear your facemask. Because we are all on this together.