Madden NFL 20 vs NBA 2K20

Luke Hicks, Staff Writer

The two of the most popular sports games as of September are Madden 20 and NBA 2K20, the current leader 

The longtime leaders in their respective genre have been battling for the title of the most popular sports video game franchise since NBA 2K released in 1999. Madden first came out in 1989 with 1.2 million people buying the game. Since then, they have sold over 130 million copies of all the games combined and in 2019 they sold 78 million units alone in just the first week.  

Recently, NBA 2K has had more success, while overall they are still behind Madden in combined sales. Total, they have sold over 90 million units and in the first week of the 2019 copy, they sold over 1.23 million units. The rivalry will go on until people stop playing video games, but how do they match up in this year’s editions?