Rocket League Going Free to Play



Epic Games announced its acquisition of Pysonix and Rocket League in May 2019

Alex Johnson

I have been playing rocket league for about four years now and being with the game for that long, I have witnessed a lot of changes and updates Rocket League has to offer. On Sept 23, 2020 Rocket League was set to go free to play with Rocket Leagues new season and Rocket Pass because the creators of rocket league (Psyonixwere bought by Epic Games, who also made Fortnite. A couple weeks later Epic Games announced a full collaboration with Rocket League putting some Fortnite cosmetics in the game as well as putting some rocket league cosmetics in Fortnite.  

 I loved the idea of going free to play, because it only makes the player base bigger and if the player base continues to grow, more people will not only put more tie into the game but will put more money in the game.  

I will continue to play Rocket League with all the different game modes and aspects to the game I can say with confidence this will be one of the best games I’ve ever played. The overall exposer has put the Rocket League player count to over one million and counting. It’s going to take a lot for this game to die out, and I believe that.