Roswell hockey season off to a great start



Roswell hockey takes the ice for the 2020 season!

Ansley Tanner and Cecilia Rubio

Hockey players at Roswell are on a combined team with Pope boys. Together the mashup of high schools is called Rope. This team gives the boys great friendships that branch out from people solely at Roswell. Junior Marcus Trevisan said, “The team has been great this year. It’s been nice to find a way to play hockey while also supporting Roswell.” The team, however, is not recognized as a sport by the GHSA, rather an extracurricular activity. 


On October 25th, the team had their first matchup against Forsyth. The boys pulled out  a 7-6 comeback to win against Forsyth, with goals scored by Wayne Morin, Owen Herd, Robert Tocher, and Callum Hood-Cree. After being down in the first period 3-1, the game stayed tight the whole way through, it was very exciting for the fans in the bleachers. This gives a promising outlook for the rest of the season!