Review of X Box Game Pass



Xbox Game Pass creators urge gamers to discover new games.

Lauren Helsing, Staff Writer

The Xbox consoles provide a service called Game Pass. There is a regular version of this and an ultimate version. This service allows for gamers to pay $14.99/month to be able to download countless new games for free out of over a hundred options. When you pay for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you also get all of the features of their top tier online gaming services- Xbox Live Gold. These online services allow for certain cross-play opportunities with different types of consoles and friends.

All of these features make it simple for people to explore new gaming options including games they have never even heard of. It also makes it possible to play online with friends and other people who also have Xbox Live. Nowadays, many games offer cross-play gaming where players can interact within online gameplay whether they are on a Xbox, PlayStation, or on a PC. However, cross-play features are useless on an Xbox console without the purchase of their online services.

To make the deal even better, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate only costs $1.00 the first month that customers try it out. This makes it easy for people to see how much they enjoy the features and if the cost is worth it to them depending on the person. I have been a regular buyer of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate feature, and I take pride in saying that I have found a plethora of wonderful new games and friendships along with it.