Insight into PS5’s Spiderman: Miles Morales



Swing into action as Miles Morales/Spiderman in the newest PS5 game.

Denis Ilksoy, Staff Writer

With the new release of the Playstation 5 platform, fans are eagerly awaiting word on the plethora of new gaming exclusives by Sony. One of these highly anticipated games is none other than the counterpart game to 2018’s PS4 Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The game takes place in the same scene: Manhattan, New York City, plagued by criminals and crime bosses alike Miles Morales, the young successor to Peter Parker is tasked with defending the city using his mantle of Spiderman.


The game itself has the player swinging through the skyscrapers of NYC with Spiderman’s hyper agility and iconic web slinging. According to early reviews, the gameplay is outstanding, backed by the processing power of the new Playstation 5, this newest addition to the Sony exclusive family is fluid and smoother than ever.


If you find a PS5 in your collection this holiday season, be sure to pick up a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales