The Comeback of Minecraft



Minecraft gains new popularity with cave update and user support

Bella Dombrowski, Staff Writer

Minecraft first hit the shelves in 2009 and gained the attention of everyone selling 106,859,714 copies. Although it hasn’t been as popular, Minecraft has recently seen a bit of a comeback largely due to the fact that the developers are really listening to what the players want to see. Another huge reason for its comeback is not only the very large update it received, but Youtubers and influencers that are playing the game and bringing it lots of attention.


A youtuber named “Dream” has gone viral with his many minecraft videos, his first one being  titled, “This cursed minecraft video will trigger you…” this video was a joke that racked up 8.9 million views. He also has a series where he tries to beat the game before he is killed and this series has racked up over 270.8 million views. A large reason for this is his unusual skill at the game being able to think outside the box and maneuver very precisely. 


The youtuber “PewDiePie” has also brought popularity back to the game when he started playing it again in 2020 with his whopping 107 million subscribers helping the game come back as it reaches 200 million downloads this year.


Mojang, the developers, has begun to take into account what the players want to see when they recently released what the new large update was going to be; a cave update which many players have wanted for a long time. They even allowed the players to pick the new animal that was going to be added which they have never done before. The new cave update will offer large mountains, new biomes, new animals, new ores, and many new items we have never seen before. With all this new content it can definitely get a bit overwhelming, but fans are very excited to see this game thrive like it once did.