Review on Your Pie Restaurant

Katherine Northenor and Ashley Meyer

Your Pie is a restaurant located on Crossville Rd in Roswell, Georgia and is a great after school hangout for teens that go to schools in the area. 


The restaurant serves personal pizzas, salads, and pasta along with many options for desert including their delicious gelato. They offer several options so that every person can personalize their pizza exactly how they want. 

Your Pie offers a personalized pizza for every customer. From plain cheese to the most unique toppings, everyone can get exactly what they want. (Ashley Meyer)

The atmosphere in the restaurant is very inviting and family friendly. It’s perfect for a family night out or just hanging out with friends. Additionally, the experience is truly made by the helpful and positive employees.


Furthermore, the location is in a perfect spot close to both Roswell High School and Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, so students can easily head over to the restaurant after school. Your Pie also offers free wifi for customers, which is very important to keeping their customers happy and able to get work done while enjoying their meal. 

Roswell High students are pictured at Your Pie after school for a quiet place to do homework and just hangout with friends. (Katherine Northenor)

We give Your Pie a rating of 9/10 because of its quality food and fun environment. It is a great restaurant that people of all ages should definitely visit on their next night out.