Planet Smoothie Review

Katherine Northenor and Ashley Meyer

Planet Smoothie has just opened up a new location in Roswell, and it is located off of Highway 92. The shop is located just a few minutes away from Roswell High School and Blessed Trinity Catholic High School and is an amazing place for a snack afterschool. They have a variety of smoothies their customers can choose from varying from refreshing fruit smoothies to protein power-up smoothies. 

The location of Planet Smoothie, off Highway 92, makes it the perfect place for a refreshing after school snack for students coming from many schools around the area. (Ashley Meyer)

Their shop is a really great place to study or hangout with friends because it is not too loud and the employees are very friendly and inviting. Additionally, they are open from around eight am to nine pm, varying depending on the day. This allows customers a wide range of times throughout the day to come in and grab a quick smoothie. 


Planet Smoothie offers four different sizes for their smoothies- light (16oz), small (22oz), medium (32oz), and large(44oz). Their prices range from $4.99 to $7.99 from light to large, which is expensive compared to other smoothie shops in the area. While the pricing is higher, we do prefer Planet Smoothie to other smoothie shops, such as Tropical Smoothie Cafe, because of their flavorful drinks that have a very smooth consistency. 

Planet Smoothie provides really tasteful smoothies, but they are pretty expensive when compared to other smoothie shops around the area.
photo credit (Katherine Northenor)

We give Planet Smoothie a review four out of five stars, and definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a refreshing smoothie. The only reason they did not receive five stars is because of their higher prices in comparison to other smoothie shops in the area.