Cooking with Gabby: school lunch ideas


Gabby Lerner

A lunch wrap perfect to take to school and work.

Gabby Lerner, Director of Business

Being back face to face means new stresses of having to worry about packing a lunch. Regardless of if you are at home or at school, lunch is a very important meal that gives you fuel and energy for the rest of the day. 


My go to lunch is a wrap with chicken, hummus, cucumber, and tomatoes. I like to eat carrots and a piece of fruit with it on the side. 


I use about two tablespoons of Cedar’s red pepper hummus and spread it on a flatout wrap. I use the light original flavor wrap and occasionally the spinach flavor. 


After I spread the hummus on to my wrap, I measure four to five ounces of cooked chicken breast and shred it to fit in the wrap. I cook all the chicken on Sundays, which cuts out a lot of time in the preparation process. 


I then cut up cucumber and tomatoes and put it in the wrap if there is enough room (the chicken takes up a lot of space). Whatever doesn’t fit in the wrap, I eat on the side with my carrots and fruit. 


If you cannot roll the wrap to where it doesn’t fall apart when you try to take a bite, I have another lunch idea using the same ingredients. 


Another way to eat these ingredients is to spread the same amount of hummus on a flatout wrap, fold the wrap over and cut it into triangles. I then put the same amount of chicken and vegetables into a bowl after cutting them up. Eating the ingredients this way is a less messy option and also works as a school lunch. 


Both lunch ideas are great options for taking to school and work, as well having on the weekends. 


If you try it let me know in the comments!