Unseen Options on the Zaxby’s Menu


This honey mustard and potato bun Zaxby’s creation goes amazing with their delicious crinkle fries. Picture by Lauren Helsing.

Lauren Helsing, Staff Writer

On a typical visit to a fast food restaurant, people narrow their options down to just looking at what is on the menu. However, I have found multiple different ways to create meals that can be designed to what the customer wants that are not necessarily shown on the menu. At Zaxby’s specifically, fried chicken and your choice of bread can make sandwich options larger and cheaper. 

The “Big Zax Snack” on the Zaxby’s menu includes 3 chicken fingers, fries, and bread. Although it normally comes with 1 piece of Texas toast, adding another piece of Texas toast or substituting it for a potato bun can lead to amazing sandwich creations. The next step, which can be personalized, is the sauce! Zaxby’s has a plethora of sauce options that have a variety of flavors. These include their signature “zax sauce”, ranch, honey mustard, marinara, multiple levels of hot sauce, sweet and spicy sauce, BBQ sauce, and more! All you have to do it put your chicken tenders onto the bread and then load your choice(s) of sauce on. 

My personal favorite creation at zaxbys is to order tue “Big Zax Snack” and add an extra piece of Texas toast. The sauce combination I always go to is zax sauce and honey mustard. This creates a wonderful combination of sweet sauces and salty chicken that, along with the Texas toast, seemingly melts in your mouth. Overall, there are so many choices to pick from that there should be something any chicken lover will enjoy.