The Return of the McRib



The cult-classic McDonald’s BBQ sandwich: The McRib

Denis Ilksoy, Staff Writer

Many people have an all time favorite fast food order that may come and go with season or has been unfortunately discontinued. But there is one item hailing from the McDonald’s menu that has a near cult-like following known infamously as the McRib.


After a long 8 years, McDonald’s is finally giving into relentless demands and is returning the McRib to locations beginning December 2. A simple sandwich in nature, the McRib consists of a pork rib covered in BBQ sauce, it is undoubtedly one of the most notorious fast food cult-classics. Those who follow the McRib love it so much, there is a website that tracks sightings of the McRib across the globe in a cryptid-esque hunt.


There truly must be something utterly unique about a simple barbeque sandwich for it to have a following rivaling Bigfoot. Maybe there is more to the mystery than meets the eye.

Find out for yourself on December 2 in McDonald’s locations worldwide.